PE Lesson Plan

Title of Lesson: Tech-FIT Stations
Date: 2/18/10 Timeframe of Lesson: 2 days
Author(s): Tony Seidel
School District: Green Bay Area Public Schools
Campus: Lombardi

Subject Area(s): Physical Education
Grade Level(s)/Course: 7th and 8th

State Standards

Subject Specific:
A.8.1 Establish personal physical activity goals
B.8.3 Demonstrate increasing competence in more advanced specialized physical skills
B.8.4 Explain how people can enjoy an activity if they are not gifted athletes
C.8.2 Identify the critical elements of more advanced movement skills
C.8.3 Identify and apply principles of practice and conditioning to enhance performance such as understanding that conditioning will allow one to play for longer periods of time without fatigue
C.8.5 Understand and apply advanced, discipline-specific knowledge to various

movement forms
D.8.1 Feel satisfaction when engaging in physical activity
D.8.2 Recognize the social benefits of participation in physical activity
D.8.3 Enjoy learning new activities
E.8.2 Assess physiological indicators of exercise such as pulse rate during and after
physical activity
E.8.3 Understand and apply basic principles of training to improve physical fitness such as various weight training techniques
E.8.4 Meet health-related fitness standards

Technology Specific:
Or the info.pdf file in the Lesson Folder.
A.8.1 Use common media and technology terminology and equipment.
A.8.5 Use media and technology to create and present information.

B.8.1 Define the need for information
B.8.5 Record and organize information
C.8.1 Pursue information related to various dimensions of personal well-being and academic success

Stated Objective(s)

Students will learn the importance of taking at least 10,000 steps a day by learning how to use and take part in using a pedometer.
Students will learn how to figure out their target heart rate zone.
Students will learn the importance of exercising at least 30 minutes a day in their target heart rate zone.
Students will take part in learning a variety of fitness activities using all different forms of technology (heart rate monitor, BMI reader, pedometer, and Fitness video)

Procedures for Lesson

The students will take part in a two day lesson of all fitness activities.

Day 1 –

· Students will learn about heart rate, pedometers, and different styles and types of fitness activities. I will introduce to them that fitness can be done with nearly no equipment and still be extremely effective.
· After the introduction to the unit – I will walk the students around each of the 24 stations and show them exactly what I am looking for them to complete at each station.
· Students will start the stations with any remaining time.
Day 2 –

· The teacher will review information from day 1. Students will hit every station at least once.
· Give all students a pedometer – Students will record steps at the end of the hour.
· Students will get into pairs.
· Each pair will start at a separate station. Students will rotate after a minute.
· Prior to all the students starting make sure to highlight the stations that have technology so that the students will know how to use some of the devices.
· Students will write down their target heart rate zone before our workout, half way through our workout, and finally at the end of our workout.
Assessment or Evaluation
Students will be assessed on how hard they work during the hour. By looking at their three heart rates during the 30 minutes of exercise.
Pedometers will also be recorded on the same sheet.
There will also be a student personal and partner evaluation. (How hard they worked and then how hard they think their partner worked)
See attached
Students will be able to express their personal feelings with the evaluation piece.

As a class at the end of day 2 the class will discuss what they have learned about all the different styles and types of fitness activities and the technology that can be used.

Technology Resources:
BMI tester
Heart Rate monitor
LCD Projector with Fitness video projected against the wall

Other Resources:
· Fitness Cards to show stations
· Fitness bars
· Medicine balls
· Dumbbells
· Bands
· Cones
· Jump Ropes
· Mats and Balance Beams
· Exercise Balls

Name: Hour:

Pedometer Steps: _ Lowest HR:_ Highest HR: _
Rate on a Scale 5 – 1… 5 hard working… 3 average… 1 being lazy
1. How hard did you work today? 5 4 3 2 1
2. Do you feel like you were in your THR for most of the class? 5 4 3 2 1
3. Do you understand the importance of THR? 5 4 3 2 1
4. How hard did your partner work today? 5 4 3 2 1
5. Did your partner push you to get better today? 5 4 3 2 1
Partner’s Name: