Website Assignment
Title: Pedometer Partner Fitness Fun
Grade: 3-5 (my adaptive 6-8th grade class)
Technology: pedometers

As the students come into the gym number them off and tell them to go to that number cone (I have my cones numbered 1-3 because I have class of 6). When they are ready, explain that one person from each group will start with the pedometer set at zero. On signal, they do the locomotor movement tasks around the perimeter of the room, changing skills as they pass their cone until they have completed all of the tasks. The other partner will stay inside the cone area performing the exercises listed on the task sheet changing as their partner passes the cone and recording the number of each one done. When the traveling partner is finished, he or she records the total number of steps using the Digiwalker Partner Fitness Record Sheet. Then the other partner puts on the pedometer and resets it to zero and begins the locomotor tasks. After both partners have completed both tasks, have them total their number of steps and total the number of exercises together. They will have a total step number and a total exercise number.

Title: First Day Protocol
Grade: 6-8 Physical Education and Health
Technology: Laptop and Projector

Instead of repeating your rules and expectations every year 12 times, take pictures, videos, and use examples of previous students taking part of what is expected. This isn't a new concept, but it was made fun by taking dozens of pictures throughout the past year of the kids participating in all of our activities, along with cartoons, clipart, catchy graphics, "jock jams" music accompaniment, kids modeling correct clothing, and every other topic that would normally be discussed the first day. The kids returning from last year loved looking for themselves or friend's pictures, and the incoming sixth graders who have never had P.E. had a chance to SEE how much fun class is and help relieve any anxiety they may have. Take this same concept and apply it to the health classroom.

Title: Alcohol and Driving: When to Say No
Grade: 8th Health
Technology: Computer and Projector

A great lesson about alcohol which hits on everything one could image during a few day lesson dealing with an alcohol unit. I like lesson 5 off the website because it spends a great deal of time with how long it takes alcohol to breakdown, and how an individual’s driving is affected when consuming alcohol. There is a great video demonstration of a person that is drunk and a person that is not. AWESOME. Plan to use this is next year in my drug and alcohol unit.

Title: Deadly High Substance Abuse
Grade: 8th Health
Technology: Computer and Projector, TV, Camera, DVD player

Students will research a drug. After research, and answering a variety of questions, students will come up with an anti-drug song which they will turn into a music video. They will make this their own so that they can present it to the class. The class will then evaluate each groups work. Nice assignment that can be used in any 8th or 9th grade health class for a drug unit.