What do you know about using technology with students?
I have found that students enjoying using technology and seem to like using technology. It seems to create a definite positive learning environment. I currently use powerpoint, movies of the internet, wikispaces, heart rate monitor, pedometers, other programs that are used for projects.

What do you want to know about using technology with students?

I would like to learn more ways to engage students into the learning of topics especially in health. How can I use technology to increase engagement in all my units.


Classroom VideoUsed in health class as an introduction to lifestyle choices and definitely engages the students100 Greatest Youtube VideosShown in healthShift in EducationCPRChest CompressionsRubricTwo Lesson PlanCertificate http://jeopardylabs.com/play/8th-grade-physical-fitness-and-activity http://www.jeopardylabs.com/play/personal-wellness-and-nutrition