5 Articles of Blogs


A blog is a great web publishing tool that allows authors too quickly and easily to post information, pictures, etc. to the web. They are user friendly that requires minimal technology knowledge. It allows students to become participants in classrooms that might not otherwise be. It allows for excellent reading and writing opportunities. Blogs allow for improvements in classroom management – by allowing teachers to post assignments, handouts, requirements, and acts as a question and answer board. Collaboration between everyone in the class. Discussion can take place not only in the classroom but also at home.


This was a created YouTube presentation put together by 10 students in tenth grade on their top 10 reasons they enjoy using blogs in the classroom over the some of the traditional methods.
1. Promotes constant literacy and reading.
2. Engages individuals from all audiences, you can pick and choose what you want to read and what you want to write.
3. It is very interactive between all involved you can comment or read others ideas.
4. It’s on multiple learning environments.
5. Promotes ESL (ELL) Participation in the classroom.
6. The convenient electronic agenda – no more writing everything down. It is already posted.
7. Distance learning – can get work done at home – for the kids that struggle getting work done in school.
8. Learner communities – allows students to not be embarrassed about their answers.
9. Technology in the classroom
10. Environment friendly. Saves on paper.


This website is great for teachers because it gives you a bunch of blogging and wiki sites. It has quite a few teacher/classroom examples of blogs and wikis. It also provides tips for teachers for online blogs, journals, and wikis. Can really help the beginner and more advanced blogger/wiki’er update and improve their current pages.


This article talks about how to create a classroom blog. It also does a great job explaining why it is important especially for elementary teachers to have this type of 21st newsletter in their own classroom. Teachers can use the blog, or web log, to share student work, communicate classroom news, and post homework assignments. Parents and students can sign in to the blog and be kept up-to-date with all the classroom happenings


This looks like a great blog that can be used in the classroom. Many teachers have posted very positive comments. TweenTribune offers teachers and students an opportunity to read high interest news stories about everyday people from around the world. Introduced in such an appealing way, Tribune stories are interesting to middle schoolers and are a great way to get students to read newspaper articles—and then to hear them comment. What else is great is that when students comment the comments need to be at least 25 words.